Should You Use Multiple Lightroom Catalogs?

One of the most common questions about Lightroom is whether you should use multiple catalogs. And there are a lot of misconceptions out there about this question. But it’s actually quite simple. For typical Lightroom use, you should NOT be using multiple catalogs. Using multiple catalogs can slow down your workflow, hinder your ability to … Read more

Best Photo Editing Software For Photographers

You can’t create world class images without the right editing software. Depending on the type of images you want to create, you may be able to get the job done with the basics like Lightroom or you may need a more specialized piece of software. Here are some of our top choices… The Industry Standard … Read more

How To Remove Glare From Glasses In Lightroom

You take the perfect photo of your friend or family member but something isn’t quite right…you look closer and you notice the glare on their eyeglasses. Being able to see someone’s eyes in a portrait is important. Not only does it capture their essence better, but it also gives the viewer a focal point to … Read more

Dodge and Burn Portraits In Lightroom

Dodging and Burning is a phrase that comes from the darkroom days when photographers would either block the light or add more in specific areas during the print making process to darken or lighten areas of the image. The good news is that dodging and burning in Lightroom is a LOT easier than it was … Read more

How To Install Lightroom Presets

How To Install presets In Lightroom Classic NOTE: You can use the “Import” function within Lightroom Classic, but that will place all your individual presets loose in the “User presets” group. Using the method below keeps them organized within the folders as we designed them, making it much easier to navigate and use. So I … Read more

How To Fix Overexposed Photos In Lightroom

It’s happened to every photographer… You think you nailed the perfect shot, but then when you get home and load the images onto your computer, you realize that your perfect shot is actually overexposed. Luckily, Lightroom is one of the best tools you have for this, especially if you shot your image in RAW. To … Read more

Lightroom Sharpening Settings For Portraits (A Step-by-Step Guide For Effective Portrait Sharpening)

Sharpening can be a tricky adjustment to both understand and to use effectively. For portrait photographers, finding the best Lightroom sharpening settings for portraits can be even more difficult. You likely have a lot of images you need to process and going through a detailed sharpening process for each and every one individually can be … Read more

11 Lightroom Tips For Beginners

When I first opened Lightroom, I was completely overwhelmed by all the sliders, modules, functions and everything else it has to offer. But Lightroom is a powerful piece of software when it comes to editing digital photos. So mastering it is a huge step towards creating professional quality photos. No one can learn all of … Read more

Are Lightroom Presets Worth It?

The honest answer as to whether Lightroom presets are worth it is…it depends. Lightroom presets can be an invaluable tool in a photographer’s editing toolbox. But if they aren’t used correctly, they can be a huge waste. Full disclosure, we offer Lightroom presets here on Photography Goals. But despite that, I am going to do … Read more

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