What Is ISO In Photography?

ISO is one of the primary camera settings that you use to control the exposure of your image. It is represented by a number typically anywhere from 50 to as high as 32,000 or more. Like other camera settings it is represented in ‘stops’ and each full stop up is double the lower stop (ie. … Read more

What Is The Rule Of Thirds In Photography

Strictly speaking, the rule of thirds isn’t limited to photography alone. It is directly connected to the ‘Golden Ratio,’ seen all around us in nature. It is a simple ratio, 1.618 to 1. There are numerous examples of the golden ratio, also referred to as the ‘Golden Mean’ or the ‘Divine Proportion’ in nature. There … Read more

Understanding Shutter Priority Mode

Your camera has several markings on them. The main shooting dial on your camera has the markings P, A, S, M, etc. There are several other markings on the camera and lens body. The S marking is for Shutter Priority. On some camera systems, it’s marked as Tv for Time Value, but they’re all the … Read more

Camera Metering Modes Explained

Your digital camera has a built-in system for determining what the proper settings are. It’s not perfect, but it does a decent job most of the time. Knowing which metering mode to use for a certain scene can improve the accuracy significantly. However, the different metering modes can be confusing to some, so I broke … Read more

Understanding Aperture Priority Mode

Are you desperate to get out of Auto mode but don’t know where to start? Aperture Priority is the next step for a lot of beginner photographers. But keep reading, because at the end of this article, I’ll show you why that’s a terrible approach. You may look at your camera’s mode dial and wonder … Read more

How To Take A Silhouette Photo

Silhouette photos are very popular and once you know how to take them, actually quite easy to pull off. The best part is that you can create shots like this with just about any camera. Because you are exposing the bright areas of the image correctly and letting the subject go completely dark, you don’t … Read more

Camera Settings For Bright Sunlight

So you’ve just purchased your first DSLR camera and you’re headed out to the park, the beach, or some other great outdoor spot to take photos of friends and family. You take a few shots and they look…well…terrible. That’s because taking photos in the middle of the day is not easy for even the most … Read more

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