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Portrait Photography Blueprints

My top 10 blueprints for creating the perfect portrait every time.

Best Camera Settings For Outdoor Portraits (…with examples!)

If you’re just getting started shooting portrait photography then you’ve probably tried some outdoor portraits. But depending on the light conditions, weather, or time of day, it can be quite tricky to dial in the right camera settings for outdoor portraits. The reality is that there is no single answer to what your settings should ...
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21 Portrait Photography Tips You Need To Know

Shooting a photo of someone is easy, but creating compelling portrait photography can be quite challenging. Here are 21 portrait photography tips I’ve learned in my years of shooting portraits professionally. You may not be able to employ all of these every time, but keep them in mind next time you want to shoot a ...
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Headshot vs. Portrait (Main Differences Explained)

All headshots are portraits but not all portraits are headshots. Simple right? Ultimately, you know the type of shot you want and it really doesn’t matter what you call it, but using the terms correctly can help communication between you and your subject so that everyone is on the same page. What Is The Difference ...
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How to Blur the Background in Photos (5 Effective Methods)

Photographers and viewers alike will commonly agree that photos with a sharply focused subject and a blurred background appear more professional than those where everything is equally in focus. Typically, this selective focus technique done 100% in camera, and can be achieved by choosing the proper camera and lens settings and by composing the picture ...
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Selective Focus In Photography (…and how to use it well)

If you are used to taking photos with your phone, then you probably just have most of the image in focus most of the time. But with cameras and lenses that give you more control, you can use selective focus to enhance the image and bring attention to the most important parts of it. What ...
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9 Halloween Photography Ideas

As the weather cools down and October 31st draws near, photographers all over are looking for cool Halloween photography ideas to test their skills and show their creativity. So here are some of my favorites… Visit A Haunted House or Hayride Haunted houses are fun, and there is a good chance there’s one nearby no ...
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7 Ways To Use Leading Lines In Your Portrait Photography

Every piece of instruction out there about photography composition probably at least mentions the use of leading lines. But all too often, they use real obvious examples of landscapes. But what about using leading lines in portrait photography? Good composition techniques like this can often be overlooked when shooting portraits, but they are just as ...
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Using Flash Outdoors In Daylight

You may think that shooting outdoors means you have all the light you need and can leave the flash at home. I disagree. In fact, I use flash more often outdoors in daylight than any other time. Flash is not only useful when it’s not bright enough to enable a good exposure.   You can ...
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Finding The Right Camera Settings For Group Photos

You may think group photos are the same as any normal portrait, just with more people. But as soon as you start adding more people to the mix, you start encountering more problems. Finding the right camera settings for group photos can be tricky, especially for beginners (or anyone who is used to photographing one ...
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Best Lens For Full Body Portraits

Full body portraits fall somewhere in between your more standard portraits and wider angle environmental portraits. This can be a tricky middle ground for lens selection. Often finding the best lens for full body portraits requires a little bit of flexibility because the location (and how much of that location you want to include in ...
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