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Portrait Photography Blueprints

My top 10 blueprints for creating the perfect portrait every time.

Outdoor Portrait Photography Tips

I love shooting outdoors. There is almost an infinite number of possibilities and space to do just about anything you can dream up. But there are some things about shooting outdoor portrait photography that can be challenging. Outdoors you don’t have complete control over the lighting and in the middle of the day, the light … Read more

How To Take Pictures In The Dark Without Flash

Learning how to take pictures in the dark without a flash can seem like magic to non-photographers. It usually takes a combination of skill and the right equipment to accomplish, but when done well, the results can be pretty incredible. Let’s get one thing out of the way right up front. If it truly is … Read more

How To Get Sharp Eyes In A Portrait

The eyes are often the key aspect of any portrait. If you get the eyes in focus then the photo will appear to be on focus. That is because we are used to focusing on a person’s eyes when we look at them. But if you are just a little off and end up with … Read more

How To Get Large Groups In Focus

It can be difficult enough sometimes to ensure that you have one person in focus, but with a large group it becomes even more difficult. Keep these 5 tips in mind when shooting large groups and you’ll give yourself the best chance to walk away with some keepers. 1. Use A Smaller Aperture Try using … Read more

11 Beach Portrait Photography Tips

The beach is a great place for all kinds of photography. Especially portrait photography. But there are certain challenges that come along with beach photography. Harsh sun, an unpredictable ocean, crowds, and blowing sand can all make things difficult. But the results are often worth it, so here are 12 Beach Portrait Photography Tips to … Read more

How To Take Sunset Portraits With Your iPhone

So what if you don’t have the latest camera gear or flash equipment to create the perfect sunset portrait? You can still get beautiful sunset portraits with your iPhone. You just have to make a few compromises. Find The Best Spot If you aren’t getting good results, consider a different position. Having the sunset itself … Read more

How To Take Portraits At Sunset

Do you have trouble getting a good exposure at sunset? It is actually one of the best times of day to take portraits but without taking the correct steps it can be tricky for some beginners. If you are just taking regular outdoor portraits, you may be totally fine exposing the image so that the … Read more

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