6 Wide Angle Photography Tips and Tricks

Wide-angle photography can open up a world of opportunities for a photographer looking to expand their look. Wide-angle photography is an image capture technique where the photographer captures a wide field of view into one image. A field of view greater than about 64 degrees (diagonal across the frame) would constitute “wide-angle photography.” Short focal … Read more

25 Types Of Landscape Photography You Can Try

So you want to shoot landscapes, right? The good news is there are so many different types of landscape photography that you can enjoy, that no matter what you enjoy or where you live…you can find something to shoot. Here are 25 different genres of landscape photography that you can try out… Sunset/Sunrise Photography Shooting … Read more

13 Night Sky Photography Tips

There isn’t something more fascinating than the combination of seeing the world at night and capturing the stars at a particular moment in time. Astrophotography gives you a strong sense of meaningful existence within the Universe. Photographing the stars in the night sky can be a challenge though. It requires a lot of planning and … Read more

Finding The Right Sunset Photography Settings

Everyone wants to shoot epic sunset photos, but if you aren’t experienced in that kind of photography then finding the right sunset photography settings can be tricky. In this article, I’m going to share with you the settings I start with for almost all my sunset photos. If you want to see my entire process … Read more

Shooting Long Exposure Photography In Daylight

If you’ve heard of long exposure photography and know what it is, then you probably associate long exposure photos with shooting at night. However, long exposure photography in daylight can still allow you to create amazing images. And you don’t have to stay out late. Taking long exposure images in the daylight can be tricky … Read more

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