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Using Flash Outdoors In Daylight

You may think that shooting outdoors means you have all the light you need and can leave the flash at home. I disagree. In fact, …


Camera Settings For Bright Sunlight

So you’ve just purchased your first DSLR camera and you’re headed out to the park, or the beach, or some other great outdoor spot to …


Finding The Right Camera Settings For Group Photos

You may think group photos are the same as any normal portrait, just with more people. But as soon as you start adding more people …

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Best Lens For Full Body Portraits

Full body portraits fall somewhere in between your more standard portraits and wider angle environmental portraits. This can be a tricky middle ground for lens …

Family photograph during the fall illustrating how to get large groups in focus

Shooting Group Shots With A 50mm Lens

Group shots can be tricky. In this post I’m going to show you how you can take pro quality group shots with a 50mm lens. …

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Should I Use A Tripod For Portraits?

A tripod is one of those photography accessories that you never think about you need it. But when you are in a situation where you …


Using Off Camera Flash For Portraits (A Beginner’s Guide)

Do you look at professional portraits done with flash and wonder how they get that look? Just about every portrait photographer starts out taking natural …


How to Blur the Background in Photos (5 Effective Methods)

Photographers and viewers alike will commonly agree that photos with a sharply focused subject and a blurred background appear more professional than those where everything …


The Best Time of Day for Outdoor Portraits: Golden Hour

Photography is all about creating with light, and light is probably the most important aspect in producing amazing portraits. Here we will discuss when and …


Outdoor Portrait Photography Tips

I love shooting outdoors. There is almost an infinite number of possibilities and space to do just about anything you can dream up. But there …

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Using A Polarizing Filter For Portraits

If you know a little about polarizing filters, then you probably think about them in terms of shooting landscapes. But using a polarizing filter for …


How To Take Pictures In The Dark Without Flash

Learning how to take pictures in the dark without a flash can seem like magic to non-photographers. It usually takes a combination of skill and …


How To Get Sharp Eyes In A Portrait

The eyes are often the key aspect of any portrait. If you get the eyes in focus then the photo will appear to be on …

Large crowd photo showing how to get large groups in focus

How To Get Large Groups In Focus

It can be difficult enough sometimes to ensure that you have one person in focus, but with a large group it becomes even more difficult. …


11 Beach Portrait Photography Tips

The beach is a great place for all kinds of photography. Especially portrait photography. But there are certain challenges that come along with beach photography. …


5 Portrait Photography Tips For Beginners

Portrait photography can be tricky for beginners. You have an actual person in front of you who might not be cool with sitting there while …


How To Take Sunset Portraits With Your iPhone

So what if you don’t have the latest camera gear or flash equipment to create the perfect sunset portrait? You can still get beautiful sunset …


How To Take Portraits At Sunset

Do you have trouble getting a good exposure at sunset? It is actually one of the best times of day to take portraits but without …

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