9 Halloween Photography Ideas

As the weather cools down and October 31st draws near, photographers all over are looking for cool Halloween photography ideas to test their skills and show their creativity. So here are some of my favorites… Visit A Haunted House or Hayride Haunted houses are fun, and there is a good chance there’s one nearby no … Read more

Using An ND Filter For Sunset Photos

Sunset is always a great time for landscape photography no matter what kind of shot you want. A neutral density (ND) filter is essential for landscape photography and comes in handy for sunset and sunrise photos because they allow you to achieve slower shutter speeds than you could normally get and create motion blur for … Read more

Mountain Landscape Photography Tips

There is something innate about mountains that draws people to the hills. They are harsh and unforgiving. A hostile environment. For centuries humans have looked upwards in wonder. Can this face be climbed? Can I stand atop that peak? The mountains don’t care for the plight of humans. They’re a frontier that we can only … Read more

Long Exposure Ocean Photography (Capturing The Waves)

Long exposure ocean photography is one of the most popular types of long exposure photography. Capturing those silky smooth ocean waves and smoothed out skies makes for stunning images. Every time I shoot at the beach, I’ll end up shooting at least one series of long exposure images. But if you’ve never tried shooting long … Read more

11 Winter Photography Tips

Winter is often a time when photographers stay inside. This is a big mistake. Winter can give you some of the most unique and beautiful settings for your photography. Even places you have shot before can be transformed into something completely new in the winter. But before you head out there, be sure to pay … Read more

How To Take A Backlit Photo (5 Easy Techniques)

Backlit photos can be absolutely stunning no matter what you are photographing. But learning how to take a backlit photo and getting comfortable with those skills can be challenging for some. Depending on what you are trying to do, though, a backlit photo can be very simple to pull off. The primary thing you need … Read more

Best Lens For Seascape Photography

Seascape photography is one of my favorite types of photography. First, you get to spend some time at the beach (and who doesn’t love the beach). Even more importantly, the landscape itself is dynamic and constantly changing as a result of the weather, tides, time of day, and light. So it can be both calming … Read more

How To Photograph Waterfalls And Streams

Carefully Choose Your Shutter Speed When it comes to moving water…shutter speed is everything. But there is no right shutter speed. The best approach is to experiment with a range of shutter speeds and see what you like the best. Freezing The Water One approach is to shoot at a high shutter speed to freeze … Read more

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