How To Install Lightroom Presets

How To Install presets In Lightroom Classic

NOTE: You can use the “Import” function within Lightroom Classic, but that will place all your individual presets loose in the “User presets” group. Using the method below keeps them organized within the folders as we designed them, making it much easier to navigate and use. So I highly recommend installing your Lightroom presets this way for Lightroom Classic.

1. Open Lightroom Classic

2. Click on the “Edit” menu option at the top and select “Preferences.” Then click on the presets tab.

3. Click on the button that says “Show Lightroom Develop presets.” That should open the folder location with a path that looks something like this “…AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw”

4. There should be a folder called “Settings” already highlighted. Open that folder.

5. Unzip the zip file that you received when you downloaded your preset. Right click the downloaded file and then click “Extract.” Depending on whether you purchased an individual preset pack or a collection, there may be one or more folders within the zip file.

6. Copy all the folders included with your new presets to the “Settings” folder from Step 4.

7. Once they are copied over, restart Lightroom. (you can either do this manually, by closing the program and then opening it OR just click on the “Restart Lightroom Classic” button in the Preferences dialog box.

8. When Lightroom restarts your presets should now be available in the presets tab on the left side in the develop module.


If you don’t see them, try clicking on the plus icon at the top of the presets tab and then on “Manage presets.” This option will let you show or hide any presets that are in the “Settings” folder. That can be helpful if you have a lot of presets and don’t want to show them all at once. Make sure your Photography Goals presets have a check next to their name.

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