Fall Color Enhancement Preset Pack

8 Professional Color Grading Presets
22 Workflow Presets

The Fall Color Presets from Photography Goals will enhance your Fall images in a single click.

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1.01 - Fall Color Enhancement


The Fall Color Enhancement presets from Photography Goals will let you make those fall photos POP in a single click. Using a combination of hue, saturation, and split toning modifications, these presets are perfectly designed to work with a wide variety of Fall color situations and both portrait and landscape to enhance yellows, oranges, and reds to bring out every detail from your Fall photos. This Preset Pack includes a bonus 8th individual preset that we designed to let you take green foliage photos and turn them into Autumn Scenes in a single click. We’re excited about this one because now you don’t have to get the timing exactly right to visit your favorite woodsy photography scenes. Change the season on any tree!

In addition, none of the basic panel sliders are used to create these presets, so you can still make all the basic adjustments you need to your files to bring out your best. These presets work best with an image that already has a balanced exposure, so included in an AUTO TONE preset to help you get started off right. It’s optional, but can help speed things up.

Photography Goals – Fall Color presets Include:

  • 1.00 – Auto Tone (Great For Setting A Baseline To Start With)
  • 1.01 – Fall Color Enhancement
  • 1.02 – Fall Color Contrast +
  • 1.03 – Fall Color Contrast ++
  • 1.04 – Fall Color Warm Highlights
  • 1.05 – Fall Color Cool Tones
  • 1.06 – Fall Color Matte
  • 1.07 – Fall Color Desaturated
  • 1.08 – (Bonus) Change Spring To Fall)


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FREE Bonus – Workflow Presets

22 Workflow Presets included FREE to speed up your editing. Instead of moving sliders back and forth, a single click can get you what you need.

  • 2.00 – Contrast Reset
  • 2.01 – Contrast Medium +
  • 2.02 – Contrast Strong ++
  • 2.03 – Contrast Matte
  • 3.01 – Shadow Recovery +
  • 3.02 – Shadow Recovery ++
  • 3.03 – Highlight Recovery +
  • 3.04 – Highlight Recovery ++
  • 3.05 – Exposure +1 Stop
  • 3.06 – Exposure +2 Stop
  • 3.07 – Exposure +3 Stop
  • 3.08 – Exposure -1 Stop
  • 3.09 – Exposure -2 Stop
  • 3.10 – Exposure -3 Stop
  • 4.01 – Lens Profile Correction ON
  • 4.01 – Lens Profile Correction OFF
  • 4.03 – Remove Chromatic Aberration ON
  • 4.04 – Remove Chromatic Aberration OFF
  • 5.01 – Vignette +
  • 5.02 – Vignette ++
  • 5.03 – Vignette +++
  • 6.00 – RAW Sharpening (Deconvolution Sharpening)

For installation instructions visit our How To Install Lightroom Presets guide. 

What's Included?

8 Professional Color Grading Presets
22 Workflow Presets

  • All presets work on JPG and RAW images
  • .XMP-files are included (Since April 2018, Lightroom CC and Classic CC use XMP-files which can also used with Photoshop’s Adobe Camera Raw v10.3 and later)
  • Compatible with Adobe Lightroom CC and Classic CC on both Mac and PC
  • Instant digital download after purchase
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Before and After

Before After
1.08 - Spring To Fall
Before After
1.06 - Fall Color Matte

Why Use Photography Goals Presets?

  • Save time editing. Don't waste time creating dozens of presets from scratch when you can use these tested professional presets.
  • Our presets precisely add colors to the highlights, midtones, and shadows of an image to create a complete color grade effect.
  • Fully customizable. Apply the preset and still use the power of Lightroom to make adjustments to your image until it is perfect.
  • Fully customizable. Apply the preset and still use the power of Lightroom to make adjustments to your image until it is perfect.

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Just visit our How To Install Lightroom Presets guide to learn the best method for installing Lightroom Presets that makes them easy to keep organized and speed up your workflow. 

Lightroom CC and Classic CC, Photoshop’s Adobe Camera Raw v10.3 and later. Presets are compatible with these programs on both Mac and PC.

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