Peak Design Travel Tripod Review

Peak Design is a company that puts a lot of emphasis on design and usability…and they aren’t afraid to try something new or different in an industry that tends to be a little on the traditional side and their travel tripod is no exception. The Peak Design Travel Tripod is a very compact and light … Read more

Best Mirrorless Camera Under $1000 (2022 Top Picks)

In a few years, mirrorless cameras are going to be the only options out there. They are smaller, lighter, have more features, and no clunky mirror to break. So to help you break into the world of mirrorless without breaking the bank, I compiled a list of the best mirrorless cameras under $1000. All the … Read more

Best Lens For Environmental Portraits

Environmental portraits depict the subject in a familiar environment. This does two things that are both very good for portrait photography. One, the setting puts the subjects at ease. Two, the image tells a story. Putting the subject at ease results in a more relaxed subject, so you can better capture their story in your … Read more

Best Off-Camera Flash (For Canon, Nikon, or Sony)

You won’t find any Nikon, Canon, or Sony flashes on this list but you will find the best off-camera flash for any of those systems. So stay away from the flash gear from big-name brands. They’re over-priced and you can get more flashes for the same price. Having more than one off-camera flash will have … Read more

Best Landscape Lens For Nikon Z6 and Z7

Nikon’s new mirrorless cameras are exciting for those of us that love landscape photography. Just about all of the new Nikon lenses are showing up in Z-mount. Important Specs Click To Compare Pricing Best Overall14-30mm f/4 S Aperture: f/4 to f/22Weight: 485g82mm filter threadMin. Focus Distance: 0.28 m/0.92 ftAngle Of View: FX format: 114° – … Read more

Best Canon Lens for Headshots

Capturing stunning headshots of loved ones is usually at the top of every new photographer’s list. It can also become a profitable side business if you become skilled at it. But, as you may have come to realize, you’re going to need to invest in an upgrade from your kit lens if you want to … Read more

Best Camera For Long Exposure Photography

Long exposure photography can be a lot of fun and produce some of the most compelling and epic images. The best part is that it can be done without a really expensive professional-level camera as long as you have a good set of neutral density filters. But you came here looking for the best cameras … Read more

Best Nikon DX Travel Lens

DX bodies and lenses are typically smaller, lightweight, and more affordable than their full frame counterparts. While FX lenses typically produce higher quality images, the difference is negligible for most amateur photographers and many pros as well. Important Specs View On Amazon Top PickNikon DX 16-80mm f/2.8-4E ED VR Max Aperture: f/2.8-4Weight: 16.93 oz72mm Filter … Read more

Best Camera For Family Photography

Whether you’re just starting a new family or looking for a way to capture more family photos, upgrading from the cell phone camera is a great way to capture higher-quality family photos. Important Specs Click To Compare Prices Sony A6500Editor’s Pick 24.2 MegapixelsAPS-C SensorImage StabilizationUp to 11fps4k Video453g body Canon EOS Rebel T7Budget Option 24.1 … Read more

Best Walk Around Lens For Nikon

So you’ve got your new Nikon camera and the (probably mediocre) kit lens that came with it. Now you want to take the camera out on your daily adventures or to that upcoming trip, but you want a lens that you can leave on the camera for walking around and still be able to cover … Read more

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