Recommended Photography Gear

Recommended Gear

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Nikon Z6

The Nikon Z6 is our top camera pick for 2020. The combination of great image quality, exceptional Nikon ergonomics, advanced auto-focus system, professional video features, and the new Z mount that will let Nikon build more advanced lenses. If you’re looking to invest long term in a system that will only get better, then this is the one to get. 


Benro Mach3 Series 2

Benro makes good quality tripods for relatively reasonable prices. Their Mach3 is gives you a variety of features like a short column option to get lower to the ground, a leg that turns into a monopod, and the ability to angle the center column to shoot downwards. It’s not the most high-end tripod available but its a great all-around versatile model for a reasonable price.

Flash & Lighting

Complete Buying Guide

There’s no one flash that we can recommend. It all depends on what your goals are, what effects you want, where you’re shooting, and what your budget is. So to help you choose the right flash equipment, no matter what your goals or budget, we created this helpful buying guide. 

Editing Software

Complete Buying Guide

You can’t realize the full potential of a digital image without post-processing and there are so many options out there to accomplish that task. Our guide on photography editing software will help you make the right choice no matter what you want to accomplish or what your budget is.