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Take your skills to the next level with video instruction, shot prompts to test your skills, and an online community to get direct feedback on your work.

Ever struggled to retain information from overly technical and cumbersome photography courses or books? It's not your fault!

The fact is that photography can be a very technically intensive thing to learn. 

We have all been there. You grab some new book on photography and we eagerly take it home to work our way through knowing that this time, we are going to stick to it for the whole thing.

You eagerly open the first page or start watching the first video and tell yourself, “This time, it’s going to work.”

Then you start to get into the boring technical jargon. 

By ten minutes in, you’re half lost so you take a break and never end up getting back to it again.

Photography is difficult.

But it doesn’t have to be!

The real problem is that just watching video tutorials or reading a book is a terrible way to learn photography!


Photography Goals

A step-by-step process to create
amazing photos...

...and a community of fellow photographers to help you improve along the way.


Learn Photography, The Smart Way

More Than just an online video course

The Photography Goals Academy has video lessons, but its more than that too. 

You’ll be part of a community of people just like you that are in the academy and want to level up their photography. you’ll get regular updates and new lessons, assignments to challenge your new skills, and an online community to share your progress with others.

Get your camera out of auto mode and stop taking everyday snapshots

The #1 question I get from readers is “how can I start using manual mode on my camera without having to learn all the technical stuff?”

The truth is that it’s easier than you think once you know the steps to get there. In fact, you’ll discover that manual mode is actually an easier way to get a great exposure.

"Just a few lessons in and I have already picked up enough to make my money well spent."
Gary Young
Academy Member

Take photos quickly, even in tricky situations like bright sunlight or dark rooms.

I’ll walk you though my overall process for getting the right exposure and then I’ll show you how to tackle some common difficult situations that you’ll encounter most often. You’ll have the tools to handle them with ease.

Transform your boring snapshots into works of art with some simple composition concepts

Good composition is one of the main differences between a snapshot and a compelling photograph, but if you read about it online it can become so confusing and vague. 

I’ll show you some simple steps to drastically transform your compositions into compelling images.

Stop worrying whether your images are in focus

With a few simple techniques, you can dramatically improve the number of photos you take that are in perfectly sharp focus. 

In fact, the real secret is setting up your camera for success so you barely have to worry about it when you’re taking the photo. 

Your instructor

So who am i to be teaching you?

My name is Pete and I am a professional photographer. I work with individual clients like families and high school seniors and also shoot commercially for businesses. I’ve even had photos published in the pages and on the cover of a nationally distributed magazine. 


But I used to be in your shoes...

When I got my first camera, it seemed impossible that I would ever learn what all those switches and dials did. 

It intimidated the hell out of me!

I made the mistake of trying to learn through trial and error. It took me a lot of time and a lot of crappy results before I figured out the system that I use now to create beautiful images for my portrait clients, business clients, and magazines. 

Now I am sharing the same system and process that I use every day to create magazine quality images even when the pressure is on!

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What You'll Learn...

Exposing your image correctly is the foundation to building up your photography skills. I’ll walk you through my simple step-by-step process for getting it right in any situation. Then I’ll show you how that system works in some common difficult situations. 

For those of you that want to dive into the details a little more, you can have the option of going through some lessons where I dig into the technical stuff a little more so you can really understand how it all works. 

I’ll share some simple and straightforward techniques for improving your compositions so that you can take a more compelling image. 

This course skips all the vague concepts you frequently encounter about composition and gives you actionable steps you can take in any scene to start understanding what a good composition is and how to find them fast. 

No more getting home to look at your photos just to find out they are blurry. 

I’ll show you how to set up your camera to make it EASY to nail focus and also some techniques you can use in the field to improve the percentage of shots you get in focus even when you’re dealing with tricky or moving subjects. 

Based on YOUR feedback, I am going to walk you through some real life shoots and show you how I use the exact same system I am teaching you, even when shooting professionally for paying clients. 

At each steps of the way, I’ll give you photo prompts designed to help you learn specific aspects of photography. you can share your results in the members-only group for personalized feedback and collaboration with others going through the course.

I’ll show you what you should look for when buying a camera or lens as well as what gear you really need to create professional looking images. (SPOILER: It’s a lot less than you think)

Imagine having a simple process for getting the shot in any situation...

Master Exposure

Nail Focus Every Time

Capture More Drama

Learn Composition

The Photography Goals Academy Online Community

The secret to maximizing your learning and a way to have fun doing it.

This is the part that most photography courses online are missing. 

When you have a community of other photographers around you to talk to, get feedback from, and even share new techniques or stories about your favorite experiences…your skills will improve exponentially. 

But the Academy is more than just a social group. You’ll be able to post the results of your photo assignments from the course and get real 1-to-1 feedback from me on the photos you post. 

Checkout the example below. This academy member showed us a tricky situation that popped up while shooting and I helped him with a few different techniques to avoid missing focus next time…

You'll get more than just The A Bunch of Videos...

Photography Fundamentals ($1000 Value)

If you took a photography course at your local college, you could pay $1000, $2000, or more. And there's no guarantee you'll be getting the best instruction. As soon as you leave the school, you'd be on your own. Courses similar to this online can sell for hundreds of dollars and they don't offer the same ongoing feedback and community.

Lightroom Goals Masterclass ($500 Value)

Your photos aren't complete until you edit them. But editing doesn't have to be complex and technical. Learn the simple steps I use on both landscape and portrait images to transform them from snapshots to professional quality images as well as how to fix mistakes once you get the photos back to your computer.

New Lessons Added Weekly

The video content within the Academy is growing monthly...and while the basics are already up and added to the courses, there is a lot more to be added in the coming months. So I'll be adding a new video every week. You'll get a roadmap of what's coming and also have the opportunity to influence future lessons and videos with feedback about what is important to YOU!

But If you Read this far, you probably already realize that there's more...

Photo Assignments To Practice Your New Skills ($100 Value)

Every time you learn a new skill or set of skills within the training, you'll get some corresponding photo challenges or assignments because the only way to truly learn to use your camera effectively and intuitively is to get out there are start creating images. But the best part is that there will be a community where you can share your photos and get real feedback from me and other students. Keep reading to find out more about that...

Members Only Online Community ($250 Value)

Learning something new as a group can accelerate your progress tremendously. When you register for the course, you'll get access to a members-only online group of other photography beginners just like you. You could join a local camera club and pay $100s in dues and still be limited to sharing your work with only the small group. Here, you'll be able to ask questions, get feedback on your progress, and share your accomplishments with many others around the world (especially as the academy grows). I'll be in the group as well to help you along your journey.

So I think it would be a great value if I offered this Course for $2000

You could Spend More Than That On A New Lens And Still Not Get Better Results...

BUT...The Photography Goals Academy works best when more of you can have access, so i'm offering it for only $19 per month...

Epic Vacation Shots
Professional Looking Family Photos
Dramatic Landscapes

start learning today!

You'll have access to the first few fundamental lessons as soon as you sign up, but more content will be added every month so you can continue to grow your photography skills with the rest of the community.

Which means your input will shape future lessons...

Here's what you'll be getting...

get started for
only $9

Still a little unsure?

If it's not for you, just cancel
No hard feelings, I promise


This course is focused mostly on creating photos with a camera that allows you to change settings manually. 

You can actually find smartphone apps that will do that, however, I do recommend a camera with the ability to switch out lenses if you want to get the most from the course. 

Don’t have one? That’s ok, you can start with your smartphone and I’ll show you how to choose an inexpensive camera that will give you the most for your money.

Nope. This is a beginner’s course. If you just bought a new camera and haven’t even taken it out of the box, then this is the perfect course for you. 


No problem. You can cancel at any time. That’s why a membership is the best way to learn. You can even take some time off and then rejoin the community anytime you want, without the big upfront investment of some other courses that don’t have an ongoing community around them. 

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